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Animal Assisted Intervention


What would motivate you more- intervention with or without a furry friend?

Animal-assisted intervention 'is a goal-directed intervention in which an animal that meets specific criteria is an integral part of the treatment process'.


For example, teaching commands to a therapy dog can create opportunities to build social skills of children with Autism.

AAT works well with children with autism, ADHD, PDD and any emotional & behavioural issues.  It can help individuals achieve physical, social, educational and motivational goals.

Physical Benefits

  • Improve fine motor skills

  • Improve gross motor skills

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

  • Sensory integration

Social Benefits

  • Facilitates verbal interactions

  • Increases spontaneous expression

  • Boosts confidence and self esteem

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Shapes positive behaviours


  • Improves description and articulation skills

  • Enhances focus and attention span

  • Develops the skills to listen to and follow instructions

  • Increases vocabulary


  • Creates opportunities to try out new behaviours

  • Enables individuals to open up

  • Innately helps shift focus from 'inwards' to 'outwards'  

It is ideal for children who are-

  • Hyperactive and find it difficult to follow instructions/ structure

  • Have difficulty with speech and language

  • Emotional and behavioural issues

  • Unable to form relationships with peers

  • Low on self esteem and confidence


Our Animal Assisted Intervention Team

Zahra is a licensed Mental Health Professional/ Psychologist with more than eight years of experience. Alongside her regular clinical practice, she is a certified Animal Assisted Therapist, her casework includes children exhibiting emotional and behavioural issues, and autism.

Chubby is a trained therapy dog and has built up experience working with children with autism, people and children of determination and those who have a fear of dogs.  She is extremely calm making her the perfect dog to work with nervous children.

Ginger Aquila 2
Tess GEMS NM 2
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