About Us

Reading Dogs is a project owned and delivered by The Animal Agency.  The Animal Agency is the UAE’s only professional agency providing animal models and actors of every colour, shape and size to the region’s media, advertising and event industry.


We have a large and growing range of animals from domestic animals such as dogs and cats, to Arabian heritage animals such as camels and falcons to exotic animals.   


Our close relationship with the animal’s owners, and a thorough screening process, ensures that we are confident that every animal representing The Animal Agency is healthy, holds the best behavioral traits and is the utmost professional. 


Our team of animal professionals, inclusive of animal behaviourist and trainers, work with every animal we represent to ensure the safety of all involved at any time.


In order to qualify as a Reading Dog, each dog has to go through a rigorous assessment programme overseen by our dog trainers Denise Vertigen and Michele Dunn.  All Reading Dogs have also been given a clean bill of health by their local vet.


Our Reading Dogs team is made up of dog handlers, dog trainers, animal owners and most importantly volunteers.  Not only do they understand animals,  they love children and understand the relationship required not only with them but with the class teacher to ensure each and every Reading Dogs session is beneficial to all those involved.


Our Team

Karalynn Thomson

The Animal Agency and Reading Dogs Founder

Denise Vertigen

Dog Trainer and Assessor

Email Denise


Reading Dogs Handler- Sushi & Wasabi

Gina & Matt

Reading Dog Handlers- Chip


Reading Dog Handler- Lost


Reading Dogs Handler- Luna


Reading Dog Handler- Hershey


Reading Dog Handler- Tess


Reading Dog Handler- Bhalu


Reading Dog Handler- Ginger


Reading Dog Handler- Ramadi


Reading Dogs Handler- Ted


Reading Dog Handler- Rosie


Our Dogs

freeway 3.jpg
Tess AmericaN 3.JPG
Ginger Aquila 3.JPG
ted 2.jpg
chubby 3.jpg
Ramadi GEMS NM 2.JPG
Rosie New 2.JPG
Millie American 4.jpg
Millie the Pug
Vasya Afghan Hound 3.jpg

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t: +971 52 908 6569

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