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Our Services

School Reading

We bring our canine reading team to you.  All we need is a quiet area in a class room, hall or library to set up our session.  Our team work with your teachers to ensure the reading session is at the appropriate level for your class.

One to One

Does your child learn better one on one or at home?

We also offer one to one or small group sessions in a home or private environment.

Happiness Sessions

Spending time with a dog has been proven to decrease stress and depression by increasing the levels of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Interaction with dogs increases relaxation, trust and empathy. It also decreases loneliness, and improves communication skills.

Animal Assisted

What would motivate you more- intervention with or without a dog?

AAI is a goal-directed intervention that works well with children with autism, ADHD, PDD and any emotional & behavioural issues

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