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Are Dogs Not Your Thing?

Reading Dogs is a subsidiary of The Animal Agency.  The Animal Agency is the UAE’s only professional animal agency providing models and actors of every colour, shape and size to the region’s growing media and advertising industry.


We have a large and growing range of animals from domestic animals such as dogs and cats, to Arabian heritage animals like camels and falcons to exotic animals.   


Traditionally, dogs have been used in reading programmes however given our large database of trained animals we can supply other types and breeds to suit your class requirements or even class projects.  Our range of falcons, parrots and owls are perfect reading companions and can be tied into National Day or Arabian heritage topics, our parrots are perfect for pirate and tropical projects and our owls are ideal for Halloween or night time work.


If you fancy something a little more unusual, how about one of our exotic creatures? Our tarantulas, tortoises and lizards are all great listeners too!


Gyr peregrine
Peregrine Falcon
Linford the Tortoise
Diesel the Bearded Dragon
Heena the Peregrine
Scop Owls
Mimi the Parrot
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