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Are You Looking for an Engaging and Educational Sponsorship or CSR Initiative?

We have just the thing!

Reading to a dog helps children relax into reading, open up, try harder and enjoy reading. Our specially chosen, child-friendly, super calm dogs are the perfect reading companions.

They don't judge or correct, they let children read at their own pace and they're proven to be a calming influence on a class.

The dog's temperament, obedience and patient nature is of utmost importance to us.  Each and every dog we work with has been assessed and awarded a certificate of suitability and a clean bill of health.  We work alongside the school to ensure that each session is at the right level for the children.

A hugely successful scheme in the UK and USA, reading dogs for children has been proven to improve children's reading ability, promote mindfulness and calmness within classes and teach children the correct way to interact with animals.

 To register your company's interest, find out more or to request a meeting contact us on   +971 52 9086569 or at

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